Kidney stones are the result of crystals that get separated from the urine and get deposited in the urinary tract. Although there are chemicals in the urine that inhibit the process of crystal formation, it does not work at all times resulting in the formation of stones. If these stones are small, they travel through the urinary tract and pass out of the body. However, in cases of large sized stones, surgical removal of the stones is the only resort. Depending upon the severity of the case, size of the stone and the overall medical condition of the patient, the kidney stone surgery could be through endoscopic removal, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, parathyroid surgery, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, and ureteroscopic removal of stone or through open surgery.

Kidney Stone Surgery in India is offered at many hospitals established all over the country. These hospitals are well adept to handle all types of cases. Accredited from the top medical institutes of the world, the Indian hospitals offer super class services. The infrastructure and the equipments used by these hospitals are of the best quality and at par with those used at the most advanced hospitals of the world. In addition, the doctors and surgeons at the Indian hospitals are well trained and experienced assuring a high success rate of the surgery.

India in the recent years has shown tremendous growth in the medical field. Offering superior treatment at the most hygienic and well-equipped hospitals, India is slowly gaining the number one position as the most favored medical tourism destination. India has gained this position not just by offering these services at different parts of the country but by offering these services at a fraction of the cost charged in the most advanced hospitals of the world. Therefore, it is very feasible to get surgery for kidney stones, in India.

Getting Surgery in India is also feasible in the sense that the Indian hospitals, despite charging a low fee for the procedure offer superior services without compromising on anything. In addition, there are no waiting periods to get the required surgery, a feature that is often missing in most of the hospitals of the world. This means that the patients need not suffer any longer from excruciating pain that is a common effect of kidney stones. Quick diagnosis and almost instant surgery as required is easily available in India.

There is no doubt that getting surgery for kidney stones in India is highly beneficial considering the above mentioned reasons. However, overseas patients that are hesitant in going forward with their plans of traveling to India for medical tourism because of the hassles associated can be at ease as there is help at hand. There are several medical tourism consultants that work for the benefit of overseas patients. Indian Health Guru is the leading medical tourism company that offers these services at affordable packages. Patients need not worry about anything as the company takes care of everything right from travel and accommodation booking to getting appointment with the relevant doctors and surgeons. Since the company is associated with the best doctors of the country for kidney stones, it is highly beneficial to take the services of the company to rule out any hassles. The company also offers recuperative packages if the patients request so. This gives them the opportunity to visit some of the famous tourist locations of India.
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